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  • LanahLink Social Impact Solutions

    Offering a range of innovative solutions across the globe to connect, facilitate and link people to their purpose and businesses to their social impact potential. Offering strategic social impact advisory services for businesses, yoga as a tool for leadership and speaking engagements as an opportunity to inspire.

  • About

    Lanah K. Hake is on a mission to accelerate the pace of social change we know is possible. Premised on the belief we all can contribute to the collective effort of a better world, Lanah uses her 15 years experience, extensive education, and rare combination of strategy & creativity to accelerate social change from the inside out.

    Lanah Headwaters Park June 2010
  • Speaking

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  • Projects

    Become a part of innovative solutions for business, community and economic impact through front edge transformative social change projects.

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  • Consulting

    Social impact advising and consulting to help businesses with an appetite for social change to clarify outcomes, streamline efforts, work collectively and leverage resources to accelerate the social change and community impact you believe is possible.



Snapshots of social change.


Strategic social impact consulting and advisory services.


Linking your organization to best in class innovative solutions for  a range of social and economic opportunities.


Educate, Engage, Inspire. Speaking and writing for social change.