• LanahLink Social Impact Solutions

    Offering a range of innovative solutions across the globe to facilitate social change from the inside out. To connect, facilitate and link you and your organization to its social impact potential through innovate strategy, consulting, program design, collective impact, stakeholder engagement, professional development workshops, facilitation and yoga for sustainable leadership. 

  • About

    Lanah K. Hake Tarango is on a mission to empower social change from the inside out for a better world, thriving communities and sustainable organizations. Premised on the belief we all can contribute to the collective effort of a better world, Lanah uses her two decades of experience, extensive education, and rare combination of strategy […]

  • Workshops

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  • Peace

    Exploring innovative approaches to a peace collective.

  • Consulting

    Social and community impact strategy consulting to help organizations  and communities maximize and leverage their positive impact for the long term.


Wellbeing from the inside out – yoga, workshops and mindfulness.


Strategic social impact consulting in person and remotely.


Teaching peace and exploring the Peace Industrial Complex.


Tailored speaking and professional development workshops for empowering communities and organizations towards their positive impact potential.