Hake_5 LanahLink Social Impact Solutions works with a broad range of organizations to maximize impact. LanahLink works with: businesses, nonprofits, foundations and government entities both in the US, New Zealand and across the globe virtually on the full spectrum of social, environmental and community impact issues.

The focus of every project is about EMPOWERING the organization and community to reach its impact potential from the inside out. It is about getting to the root of the issue, building on work to date and redefining what success means when vision, return on investment (ROI), social and environmental impact intersect – in essence, the ‘Triple Bottom Line’. ¬†It is about working collectively to maximize outcomes. (View Lanah’s LanahLink Resume and bio)

See the Projects for a sample of clients that have benefited from LanahLink both in person and through remote consulting.

LanahLink offers a broad range of strategic solutions to organizations including:

LanahLink works in a variety of capacities ranging from individual strategy sessions with executive leadership, hourly strategic support and also as a retained impact advisor to enhance your internal capacity.

Why are businesses adapting?

Every day, more organizations are recognizing that customers and clients have a choice and are exponentially choosing to work with organizations that care about their community, environment and are responsible stewards of investment – often referred to as the ‘social economy’ or ‘Triple Bottom Line’. From talent attraction to enhanced return on investment, leading edge organizations are embracing the need for solid social impact strategies.