Peace Industrial Complex

A positive alternative and collective vision for a better world.

Please contact Lanah if you would like to share your ideas about the following concept:

How do peace actors from everyday to the elite, reference and identify within the overarching collective peace effort? Currently there are a plethora of theoretical frameworks that exist for specific peace building efforts and particular strata of peace actors. However, there appears to be a lack of a shared reference point to account for the broader peace endeavor and the broad range of peace actors involved.

I propose that to better understand how peace actors identify as part of a collective peace effort, the concept of the Peace Industrial Complex (PIC) is a starting touchstone.

Although deferring my PhD until my children are older, I’m curious what you think:

  1. Do see an overarching peace effort?
  2. How do you reference this overarching peace effort?
  3. Do you identify as part of a collective of peace actors towards a shared aim?
  4. What is the aim?
  5. How do you connect?
  6. How do you reference one another?