Peace Project

In addition to 20 years work on social change projects, 5 years ago, Lanah created an online course title ‘Intro to Peace & Conflict Studies’ for a US University as an Adjunct Professor. Recently, she was accepted to a PhD in Peace Studies for her proposal to create a new shared semantics/ language and framework within which each of us can position our selves in a new positive alternative vision for a better world – the Peace Industrial Complex.

What is peace? How can we create peace? Where does it begin? Social change from the inside out. Why does it matter? I’ve asked myself this question for at least 2 decades.

After reflection on nearly 20 years of working towards positive social impact Lanah realized all of it has led towards peace at the personal, community and global level. All of it from volunteering as a youth, working with sick children in pediatric hospital wards, serving as a Director of Child Health to get children access to health care, traveling 25 countries across the globe meeting amazing humans around the world from all different walks of life, working on multi million dollar projects of national social policy in New Zealand, confronting potential pirates while sailing the Arabian Sea, consulting in the heart of America to create world class programs to serve those most in need, teaching yoga in the park, introducing leaders to the power of a mindfulness, teaching as Adjunct Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and now as a mother… has led towards the overarching mission of creating peace. After a Bachelor of Public Health, Master of International Relations, and acceptance to my PhD in Peace Studies I’m now asking….

What is the common theme?

The problem is, I didn’t even realize the common them was working towards PEACE until recently. ALL of the work – all of the volunteer work, all of the paid work, all of the leadership roles, all of the traveling and my daily work raising young children is part of the concept I proposed in my PhD – the creation of a Peace Industrial Complex.

Why does this matter?

I teach 50 students a semester about peace at the personal, the community and the global level. We talk about these concepts but have no conceptualization or shared language for them beyond things that one only learns when formally studying Peace and Conflict Studies. We have no visual picture of what this bigger effort looks like. Nor does the academic arena from what I can gather.

As a result, our newscasters, our teachers, our parents, our communities lack a shared way to reference that within which all of us working towards constructing peace – at any level – can be considered a collective. I believe we need a shared language. A shared way wherein we can reflect on how we work towards or against peace. Academic scholars have over a million references to the Military Industrial Complex, but what is the antitheses? What is our shared language for those of us working towards a better world? Where do each of us fit in? Where COULD we fit in? Where COULD we connect? How COULD we unite more effectively in this shared language as part of a collective effort towards peace? COULD we position all of our efforts, and reference them, as the peace industrial complex?

Could we use this concept to empower our efforts towards peace?

Really, I’m asking. Take a look at my proposal concept of the Peace Industrial Complex and let me know what you think. At this stage, I’m deferring my PhD as have little ones at home, but when the time and funding is right, I’d like to progress whether as a PhD or other project to get this thinking out there so we can shape it, breathe life into it, quantify and embed it in our new way of thinking and teaching our kids… together.