Where do you Fit in the Peace Industrial Complex (PIC)?

Find out by mapping your

Most of us have a deep knowing that a better way is possible…. we often just aren’t sure how to get there or what it means in our personal or professional lives. Challenge your self, your business, your community group or any entity to ask themselves what peace means and how they can be part of a collective force for good. Contact to explore any options to begin exploring your Peace Path. The following are a few places to start: 

A first step is beginning to question what peace means to you. Doing this on your own is a great start and doing it as a group is powerful. Scroll down the page to learn more about the concept of the Peace Industrial Complex and sign up for the email list to learn more about opportunities and resources to consider what peace means to you, your world and your next steps. 

Have a group that you think would enjoy coming together to learn more in person or virtually? Contact me to host a workshop and create a one of a kind personal development, team building and inspiring experience.

Bring your group together for a one of a kind experience in person or virtually to learn more about peace, the collective Peace Industrial Complex and how you can acknowledge and empower your efforts joining the majority working towards peace every day. Any audience interested in widening their horizons and personal or professional development could include :  


  • Individuals – Teachers, parents, volunteers
  • Business – Leadership, employees, partners
  • Community Groups – organizations, collaborative efforts
  • Youth – Students, Young adults

Interested in deepening your personal understanding of peace and carving a clear path as it relates to your leadership role, work philosophy, family or day to day choices? An innovative opportunity for those leaning in and who seek a 1 on 1 coaching experience.

Explore how your business or organization can proactively unearth its peace potential in line with maximizing social impact and financial sustainability. See Services for and idea of options that all are tailored to your needs. 

A Better Way is Possible....

Let's start by naming it....

What's the
Military Industrial Complex (MIC)?

For many, the Military Industrial Complex is an unnamed implied core player in the free world, particularly the United States where the 2020 Defense Budget is $721,531,000,000 – that is $721.5 BILLION dollars. 

Although primarily affiliated with the United States, the concept is applicable across the globe. 


A favorite definition of the MIC I found in my research is:

“An informal changing coalition of groups, with vested psychological, moral and material interests in the continuous development and  maintenance high levels of weaponry, in preservation of colonial markets and in military-strategic conceptions of internal affairs.” – Fascism and Big Business, Daniel Guerin  1936 


What's the Alternative?

 the Peace Industrial complex (PIC)

What if we changed a few words from the MIC?

“An informal changing coalition of groups, with vested psychological, moral and material interests in the continuous development and  maintenance high levels of PEACE BUILDING ENDEAVORS and PEACE INDUSTRY, in REMOVAL of colonial markets and in military-strategic conceptions of internal affairs.” – Informal translation from the MIC definition by LanahLink

 Story behind the PIC: In addition to 20 years work on social impact projects, 8 years ago, I created an online course title ‘Intro to Peace & Conflict Studies’ for a US University as an Adjunct Professor. Recently, I was accepted to a PhD in Peace Studies for a somewhat audacious proposal to create a new shared language or ‘picture’ within which each of us working towards peace can identify. Today, I see a massive opportunity for all of us to work more collectively towards peace, starting with a shared phrase, the Peace Industrial Complex or PIC. 

The term, Military Industrial Complex first used publicly by Eisenhower in 1961…. 

 After 20 years working to create peace whether as a nonprofit advocate, impact consultant, yoga teacher, professor of peace studies, world traveler and mother it was only relatively recently I observed that all my work, has in its own circuitous way been working towards peace. Peace at the personal, the community, the global level. AND, if I am, then most of those around me are as well – each in your own way. 

Then, let’s ask…

Our selves, our children, our businesses, our leaders: 

Where do you fit in the Peace Industrial Complex (PIC)? 

Are you a constructive force for Peace?

I think it is Time for a positive alternative vision of our world - Do you?

What has been will be… rinse and repeat. Generation after generation. The war myth, the endless war, the belief that we are only what we are through war. What if we could appreciate the efforts of the past, while also envisioning a world and an economy that doesn’t  base itself on war? And… what if we had a name for it? What if we could consider all of our individual efforts towards creating peace, put it together and offer an alternative to the military industrial complex?  


Google Hits for Military Industrial Complex
14,000,000 hits

Search for Military Industrial Complex and find over 14,000,000 hits. 

Google Hits for Peace Industrial Complex

Search for Peace Industrial Complex and 14 hits. 

Where do you fit?

What is your Peace Path?

Bring your business, community group, students and others together for an interactive Peace Path workshop to learn more.

Now, as I work with organizations to maximize their impact, I realized I’m actually working to help all entities find their own path to supporting peace – in whatever way that may be – resilient staff, successful business that minimizes negative environmental impact, empowered leader who can engage community effectively or helping someone find a moment of peace in a deep breath.  

Want to take real steps towards creating Peace?

contact me to Map your own impact path.