LanahLink Social Impact Solutions utilizes 18 years of strategic program development, innovative project design and authentic leadership to identify, develop, mobilize, market and implement innovative solutions to key social issues. Through a collective impact approach, LanahLink works across the spectrum of project development at times developing the concept and soliciting partners as well as joining a project that has already been established and needs additional strategic guidance. LanahLink works both in-person and remotely as needed based on client needs.

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Other Prior Roles:

  • Served as Director of Child Health for Colorado Children’s Campaign co-sponsoring statewide $175 million Colorado Amendment 35 to enhance access to health care for children;
  • Led and facilitated New Zealand Ministry of Social Development National Debt Strategy and coordinated input from government organization of 10,000 people and multiple departments addressing $800 million in debt;
  • Facilitated national New Zealand Social Policy Evaluation and Research committee leading 19 government agencies through strategic assessment process overseeing $30 million invested;
  • Innovatively led creation of United Way of Allen County Regional Education Network to leverage resources towards collective impact of 15 organizations in support of children’s education across region;
  • Facilitated connection of national Strive cradle to career education framework to local regional economic development work (i.e. Vision 2020 21st Century Talent);
  • Led and facilitated collaborative application process for All American City Reading Award to add Northeast Indiana to national funder’s registry including national network and technical assistance access through 2020.