Travel Coaching to help you connect with your world.

Have you ever had a vision or a dream of seeing a new place? Have you ever wondered how someone takes off on an adventure for the first time? Have you heard stories from people returning from round the world adventures and had that tinge of curiosity and craving to try it yourself? Do you wonder how it is that people do this or how it is that you didn’t yet do this? You know there IS more out there and it is available to you if you dare to dream.

Although from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lanah has traveled to close to 25 countries, majority of them solo connecting with individuals across the globe. Pursuant to these travels, she focused her Master of International Relations thesis on the development of the term ‘Cosmotourism’ to foster a discourse within international relations and at the individual level about the power of our interconnections, both local and global, as a force for peace.
Due to growing interest from individuals seeking guidance on how to begin to travel or how to do a new kind of travel that allows them more connection, Lanah is now providing Cosmotourism Coaching: Socially Concious Travel Support.

After traveling to close to 25 countries, ranging from India,?Morroco, Thailand,?New Zealand?to Fiji and sailing the Arabian Sea for a month to Oman – Lanah K. Hake is a world nomad extraordinairre with a passion for helping others connect with their world. In addition to here real world, real budget contrained adventures around the globe as a solo female from Fort Wayne, Indiana, her Master of International Relations degree and thesis on ‘Cosmotourism’ – shared at the Tedx Fort Wayne – Cosmotorousim: Talk to Strangers, Change the World makes her a unique resource to help you explore your dreams of adventuring.

Everyone has a different comfort zone and through one on one (or with a couple) series of travel coaching, Lanah can help you clarify your vision and comfort zone to find an adventure that will help you connect to your world and, in doing so, explore another layer of your self.

For more information:

  • Presentation at TedxFortwayne – Cosmotourism: Talk to Strangers, Change the World Considering Cosmotourism: Exploring the latent cosmopolitanism of 21st century tourism – May 2009
  • Travel Blog:
  • Interview Blogtalkradio 11/11/09: World Traveler Lanah K. Hake via Diva Maverick MavensInterview pre-recorded via Skype. Lanah K. Hake is an international traveler who was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana – the heartland of America. However, she left her safe world to explore over 25 countries in her twenties. In addition to a sailing adventure across the Arabian Sea, exploring the South Pacific, and a round-the-world journey including a solo journey in India, she simultaneously built a career in the US and New Zealand. As a strategic social change consultant, (, she continues to educate, engage and inspire others with a global message of courage to not only explore new places but, most importantly, to connect with others both across the globe and in their own community. With a passion for travel, writing and her recent thesis proposing the new idea of ‘Cosmotourism’, she is working on a book to continue this message of courage to anyone who is open to engaging with the world around them.


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* Note, this is not a travel agent role but instead a coaching capacity to help you set out your vision and, with the resources, advice and experience through travel coaching, then coordinate your logistics. Please note she is not a travel agent nor involved in specific travel logistics, instead she works with the client to help identify their travel goal and a roadmap to get there with a focus on truly connecting with individuals in the host country.