Impact Strategy Consulting & Capability Coaching Packages

LanahLink Social Impact Solutions offers a range of tailored services to help you maximize your positive social impact and wellbeing. From a one time strategy session, workshop or quickstart research to a retained impact advisor, LanahLink brings over 20 years expertise to help you clarify your goals, hone in on your desired impact and support your organization to maximize its positive impact and long term sustainability. 

Take a look and contact me at to explore how I can help in person or virtually. 

Impact Strategy Packages:

Impact Strategy Session

Clarify your impact goals.
$ 150 Strategy Session
  • 1 Hour Strategy Session via Skype/Other
  • Social Impact Spectrum Assessment
  • Meeting Summary

Impact Starter Package

Enter your description
$ 500 Package
  • 3 Hours Strategy Session
  • Social Impact Spectrum Assessment and Revision
  • Meeting Summaries
  • Draft Impact Starter Strategy

Impact Advisor

Enhance your internal capacity.
$ 750 Monthly
  • FREE Impact Starter Package
  • 4 hours virtual strategic support via email, Skype or call.
  • Monthly Impact Strategy Status Update to keep momentum.
  • Additional project consulting hours reduced rate for duration of retainer.
  • 24 hour response time
  • Addition to Leadership Team as needed

Quickstart Products:

Issue Snapshot

What impact issue are you wanting to better understand?
$ 500 Package
  • 1 Page Issue Snapshot
  • Key Data with Citations
  • Easy to read/share bulleted fact sheet.

Impact Options

Clear program/engagement options for next steps.
$ 500 Package
  • 1 Page Options Paper
  • Evidence-based interventions
  • 3 Best Practice Program Options

Sector Snapshot

Who is doing well at positive impact in your sector?
$ 500 Package
  • 1 Page Sector highlights tailored to your sector.
  • Impact Profiles of those leading the way.
  • Analysis & Recommendations for your sector.
* Please note all prices are in USD and will be +GST in NZ. Please note that all Quickstart Snapshot orders complete a request form prior to work commencing to clarify your specific needs. From the date of completion of that form, a draft will be sent within 7 days and one revision is included coordinated via email. 

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Positive Impact

One-Stop Impact solutions

Not sure where to start on your path towards positive impact? 

Passionate about a specific issue, but need help clarifying your strategy? 

Funding to create impact and need to maximize your investment? 

Wanting to be inclusive and effective in engaging your key stakeholders? 

Social Impact Basics

What is it? Why does it matter?


Clarify your goals, your opportunities and strategy next steps to maximize positive impact and organizational sustainability.


What is the issue? How big is it? Who is addressing it mos

Program Design

Identify your options to have impact in a way that is sustainable and impactful.


Facilitation skills to build capability and maximize positive impact today and tomorrow.

Community Engagement

Engage from a space of inclusivity and authentic listening.

I could talk about impact all day....

just Ask:

As with everything, we could read extensive books on the topic. However, in summary, positive social impact is a consideration of more than solely profit. Profit is important, yes, we agree. However, we also believe and know that the wellbeing of people, communities and the broader environment are of priority as well. The exciting thing is that profit isn’t mutually exclusive to positive impact. Actually, when you craft your impact path right, you create a win-win for your business and those you impact. 

It can be overwhelming for many entities searching out a pivot to a positive impact model or an organization recognizing they would benefit from a fresh look at an issue. We help by taking you step by step with offerings that meet you where you are today. Maybe a kickstart Strategy Session is enough. Or, maybe from there you decide you’d like an Impact Starter Strategy and, down the line, an Impact Advisor to help your team keep momentum on its impact journey. Wherever you are, we welcome you to the impact path! 

We would ask, why not? Whether from a shared awareness as to the challenges of the 21st century working to balance business goals and sustainability, every business has a profound opportunity for impact. We want to help that impact to be positive. 

Yes, this is a form of CSR that empowers businesses to maximize their profit as well as their positive ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of people, profit and planet. 

Check out our Blog and let us know! 

striving to make Positive Social Impact?

So, let's Make an Impact together!